Shining Care Training

Shining Care Training 

At 2019, Shining Care Training start teaching variety courses to jobseekers and health care staff in Bristol!

A top rated institution

Our Shining Care Training has a site in Bristol and with partnership with different branches 

Over 20 courses

From English language to Maths, Social Care to Development Community Skills, etc...


5+ Instructors

Our teachers are high qualify and long years experience with Adult learning.




Learning English Language

Master English with one-to-one lessons, taught by experts.By reading and analysing a range of texts, both fiction and non-fiction



Health Social Care level 1

Study Health and Wellbeing with The Shining Care Agency of Home Care - Start a Course.



Learning Maths skills

We all use maths every day, find out how you can improve your skills.Being good with numbers isn't a special talent, it's something we can all learn



Health Social Care level 2

Key topics: communication skills, an introduction to equality & inclusion, providing activities for people of all abilities & backgrounds, safeguarding.



Community Development level 1

Community Development qualifications are appropriate for community development practitioners, providing learners with knowledge in community.



Health Social Care level 3

Train & Get Qualified In Health & Social Care Level 3 With Unlimited Tutor Support.


Shining Care


We train a lot of students as well as our Bristol Care Staff service.

Shining Care Past Events



Seminar Shining Care Training in Birmingham


Level 2 and 3 Health and Social Care Diploma course will soon be accepting new students, please contact our office for further details. Also, well done to our current students for their hard work on the course


Location: Birmingham

October 2019, 9.00 - 14.00





Event Shining Care Company

Which raises awareness of caring, highlights the challenges for carers and recognises the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.


July 28, 9.00 - 14.00

Location: Bristol

Event Shining Care Training

Shining Care training with award .Cllr Hellen Holland

Location: Bristol




The mission of the Shining Care Training is to develop as an Adult Learning in Bristol, providing the highest quality of education, and offering formation through the latest and upgrade values, through excellent, and well-craft learning handbook, and through service to the common good.


Our Shining Care Company Management in the health service of Bristol with Social Care.