Shining Care Training



The practice for enrolling on a course to Shining Care Training is to telephone or call into the site bringing your certificate before the session with headteacher.


Other than exceptional circumstances, student background education dictates which class he/she will be in.


Choose what you want to learn, then the headteacher 

will provide analysis if there is a place for you, then he will write you back with details of the course. I hope you will enjoy studying at SCT  Centre. Welcome to Shining Care Training!


The site has spacious accommodation including classroom, a hall, kitchen, toilets and further flexible teaching rooms. The Shining Care Training benefits from nearby food shops, playgrounds and a kitchen.


Should you have any questions or require further help please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should you wish to see the Head Teacher it is advisable to telephone Mahamoud Mataan (Manager Support Administrator) first to make an appointment