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Our vision is to create an environment that encourages people to grow and develop; where people have the opportunity to be innovative in their Learning, Career and Employment Pathways; where personal aspirations are met and where each member has an opportunity to contribute to their own social and economic well-being.


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Welcome to Shining Care Training Site. We have prepared all kinds of handbook to give you some information you may need when student want to start here in out training site in Bristol. We hope it will be useful to answer any questions you may have at this time in your skills development.

We recognise that we have a tremendous responsibility in the education of Adult learning and acknowledge that the greatest success comes in the partnerships we form with Bristol Organisations and carers.We look forward to many happy and rewarding years ahead and welcome any contributions you may feel you have to offer.





At SCT, we started upgrading all technology of our office and started design all potential courses for our staff then expanded to jobseekers and possible health care staff.

We have experience teaching by giving courses upgrade to our health care staff. As our teachers does have long years teaching experience and others graduated from UNI.

We have done a survey in Bristol to all possible canditate students to our Training Centre at SCT. We received overwhelming respond from the community of Bristol.

We invested heavely in Shining Care Training centre in Bristol and contact all local branch government and UK education Dept. to fullfill all requirements needed to welcome our students.

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