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Wednesday & Thursday
3pm to 5pm

Apprenticeships are nationally recognised training programmes for students between the ages of 16-25. This programme gives people the chance to earn as they learn. The speed at which the person will achieve their Apprenticeship depends upon both their ability and the employer’s requirements. Usually, an Apprenticeship will last between one and three years.

All people aged 16-25 are entitled to apply for the apprenticeship programme. Applicants who qualify for the scheme will be placed in an appropriate vacancy. Once a work placement has been found for the person, the Apprentice, employer and learning provider will agree a learning plan. Funding is available for the full cost of Apprenticeship training for most employees aged 16 – 18. Some funding is available for employees aged over 19. Over 130,000 employers are training apprentices in the UK at any one time.

The Apprentice must show dedication and a professional attitude. The Apprentice will be expected to keep to normal working hours with the [organisation] to earn a wage. The Apprentice will be expected to spend time with a learning provider and to study for a technical certificate. The Apprentice will need commitment.

The Apprentice will benefit from a nationally recognised qualification that could potentially enable them to progress to a foundation Degree or Higher National Certificate/ Diploma. The Apprenticeship will encompass a NVQ, Technical Knowledge Certificate and Functional Skills. Apprenticeships come at two levels: Apprenticeship – Intermediate Level, Apprenticeship – Advanced Level (all part of the QCF framework)